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The Indian Sociological Society was established in 1951 in Bombay with 107 members. The key initiative in its formation was taken by G. S. Ghurye, the then Professor and Head of the Department of Sociology at the University of Bombay. The Society’s main activity was publishing the Sociological Bulletin which was started in 1952 and appeared biannually. Another initiative was taken by sociologists at Lucknow, R. K. Mukerjee and D. P. Mukerjee who established the All India Sociological Conference (AISC) and had its first conference in 1955. Between 1057 and 1961, it has further 5 conferences.

In the mid-60s the leaders of the profession and from these two organizations came together to discuss different issues concerning the profession. They decided to merge AISC with the Indian Sociological Society and held a conference of the merged body in Bombay in October 1967. The conference was inaugurated by Prof. Ghurye and Prof. M. N. Srinivas was elected the new President. Following this change, the Society’s office was shifted from the University of Bombay to University of Delhi where Prof. Srinivas was based. The Society started organizing the All-India Sociological Conference on a regular basis, in addition to publishing the journal Sociological Bulletin.

With the expansion of higher education, several new departments of sociology came up all over the country resulting in increase in the membership of the Society. The hallmark of the Society’s strength was the successful organization of the XI World Congress of Sociology in Delhi in 1986.

Realising the inconvenience of operating the Society’s activities from different locations where the office bearers worked, the Managing Committee took the decision of establishing its national office in New Delhi. Subsequently, it approached the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi, to provide a space as well as essential services in its premises for running the ISS activities. Thanks to the Institute’s positive response the Society’s office has been functioning with great efficiency in its premises since 1989.

The Indian Sociological Society has taken great strides since then. Its membership has increased manifold. Currently there are 3028 Life Members. Since 1952, its journal Sociological Bulletin started publishing. Till 2003 it published 2 issues and since 2004 it is published thrice a year:  January-April, May-August, and September-December. Its conferences are held every year and are well attended. In addition to the journal the Society now publishes two issues of ISS Newsletter annually. The Society now organises its major academic work through 24 Research Committees and 4 Ad Hoc Groups, and this has provided a better opportunity for members to participate in meaningful dialogue and exchange of views. Indian Sociological Society has started an international journal in Hindi entitled, Bharateeya Samajshastra Sameeksha in January 2014.

The annual lecture series in memory of Professor M. N. Srinivas and Prof. Radha Kamal Mukerjee, and the annual prize for young sociologists in honour of Prof. M. N. Srinivas have contributed to the academic profile of the Society’s activities. Two new prizes for young sociologists namely Prof. N.K. Gowraha Memorial Prize and Prof. Ranganath Memorial Prize have been instituted since 2014.

The Society instituted the Life Time Achievement Award in 2005 with the following objectives: (a) To honour outstanding Indian Sociologists who have made profound and exceptional contributions in the field of sociology and thereby enriched the discipline of sociology and enhanced the capability and respectability of its professionals, and (b) To inspire and encourage other members of the profession to emulate these Awardees and consider them as role models and to work for their own and the profession’s betterment and exaltation through creditable work and significant contribution. The award has so far been given to: Dr. Y B Damle (Pune), Prof M. S. Gore (Hubli), Prof. Victor S. D'Souza (Bangalore), and Prof. Ramkrishna Mukherjee (Kolkata)  in  2005;  Prof.   Yogendra   Singh  (Delhi)   and   Prof. Leela  Dube  (Delhi)  in 2007; Prof. B. R. Chuhan (Udaipur), Prof. P. C. Joshi (Delhi) and Prof. T. N. Madan (Delhi) in 2008; Prof. André Béteille, Prof. A. M. Shah and Prof. Bela Duttagupta in 2009; Prof. Suma Chitnis (Mumbai), Prof. D N Dhanagare (Pune), Prof. T. K. Oommen (Delhi) in 2010; Prof. S. K.Srivastava (Lucknow), Prof. J. P.S.Uberoi (Delhi) and Prof. P.K.B. Nayar (Thiruvananthapuram) in 2011, Prof. C. Lakshmanna (Hyderabad), Prof. Uttam B. Bhoite (Pune) and Prof. K. L. Sharma (Jaipur) in 2012, Prof. Partha Nath Mukherji (Gurgaon) and Prof. Ravindra K. Jain (Gurgaon) in 2013, Prof. Satyendra Tripathi (Varanasi), Prof. Prakash N. Pimpley (Nasik), Prof. Imtiaz Ahmad (New Delhi),  and Prof. Ramesh C. Tiwari (Lucknow) in 2014, and Prof. Y.  C.  Simhadri (Patna), Prof. Harishchandra Doshi (Surat) and  Prof. Ishwar Prasad Modi (Jaipur) in 2015.

The Indian Sociological Society is functioning from the premises of the Institute of Social Sciences, New Delhi.


Flat No. 1046, Sector C, Pocket -1 , Vasant Kunj, New Delhi 110 070
Telephone: 011 26132510
Email: societyinsoso@gmail.com

Office Bearers

President: Sujata Patel (Telangana)
Secretary: Abha Chauhan (Jammu & Kashmir)
Treasurer: Biswajit Ghosh (West Bengal)

Smita Suresh Awachar (Aurangabad)
Paramjit S. Judge (Amritsar)
Virendra Pal Singh (Allahabad)
Hemixa Rao (Rajkot)
Sanjay B Salunke (Aurangabad)
Satish Kumar Sharma (Chandigarh)
S Gurusamy (Dindigul)
Sukant K Chaudhury (Lucknow)
Dipti Ranjan Sahu (Lucknow)
Jagan Karade (Kolhapur)
Pranjal Sarma (Dibrugarh)
Manish Kumar Verma (Lucknow)
Mohammad Akram (Aligarh)
Antony Palackal Varghese (Thiruvananthapuram)
Secretary Office
Boinu Vaiphei

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