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Sociological Bulletin is published thrice a year: January-April, May-August, and September-December. The journal was published biannually from 1952 to 2003, and became a triannual publication from 2004. Copyright (c) Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi. All rights reserved. Except for brief quotations in scholarly works, no part of this journal may be reproduced in any form without the written permission of the Indian Sociological Society.

As per the provision under section 10(i) of the Constitution of the Indian Sociological Society all life members are entitled to receive a free copy of the Sociological Bulletin at their registered address.

Sociological Bulletin carries reports on research conducted both in India and abroad by professional Sociologists and Anthropologists. Over the last five decades, the journal has been advancing the frontiers of knowledge about Indian society and its social institutions and culture, its structure and dynamics of change. It has been contributing to our understanding of other societies as well.

The journal meets the needs of higher education in India and provides for specialists and non specialists alike. It also serves as an important source material for University students and researchers.

The annual rate of subscription of the journal is Rs.1000/U.S.$100, including postage and handling charges. Payment may be made against the demand draft drawn in favour of 'Indian Sociological Society, New Delhi' and may be sent to the Secretary (Office), Indian Sociological Society, Institute of Social Sciences 8 Nelson Mandela Road, Vasant kunj, New Delhi110 070. Tel:(011) 43158800, Fax:(91)11-43158823 E-mail:


N. Jayaram (Mumbai), Managing Editor

Ishwar Prasad Modi (Jaipur), Rajesh Mishra (Lucknow),
Bipul Kumar Bhadra (Kolkata), Chandrashekhar Bhat (Tezpur),
Pradip Kumar Bose (Kolkata), Anand Kumar (New Delhi),
B. K. Nagla (Rohtak),


Office Bearers

Bula Bhadra (Kolkata), S.N. Chaudhary (Bhopal), Biswajit Das (New Delhi),
E. Haribabu (Hyderabad), P. G. Jogdand (Mumbai), Vidyut Joshi (Ahmedabad),
R. Kannan (Madurai), Noor Mohammad (Aligarh), Richard Pais (Mangalore),
Rajani Palriwala (Delhi), A. Ramegowda (Shimoga),
Sherry Sabbarwal (Chandigarh), G. Satyanarayana (Hyderabad),
Sheobahal Singh (Noida), Vinay Kumar Srivastava (Delhi)

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